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Soft Bait Kit

Soft Bait Kit - Allows you to create a master, mold it, and cast soft plastic baits. Vary the color and hardness with the additives supplied. Includes sculpting polymer clay to make the original, silicone rubber to mold it, and Alumisol soft plastic with hardener, softener, dyes, and pearlescent powder to dial your lures in. Reuse/recycle poured soft plastic baits by simply remelting the soft plastic. KIT CONTAINS: 32 oz Alumisol Soft Plastic (enough to make bags and bags of your lures), 8 oz Softener, 8 oz Hardener, 1 lb High Strength 2 Mold Making Rubber (enough to make a 2 piece mold of a 6-7" jerkbait, a one piece 10" worm mold or multiple molds of smaller soft plastic baits), 8 oz Sculpey Modeling Clay, 1 oz Rubber to Rubber Mold Release, 1 oz Red Dye, 1 oz Blue Dye, 1 oz Yellow Dye, Pearl Powder, Corrugated Plastic Strip (for making mold boxes), Measuring Cups, Stir Sticks, Brush, and Larry's Work Shop DVDs (Volume 1 & 2) (RETAIL VALUE = $122.54)

Sizes available for online order:

Soft Bait Kit Photo
Soft Bait Kit
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