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Hard Bait

This video demonstrates the application of Alumi-UV, a single component, semi-flexible, extremely durable, crystal clear doming and coating resin.

Lure Dynamics

Adding eyes to lures give it a real-life look and is easy to do. Larry shows how to add color and attach them.

Mr. Whiggely Soft Bait

How to make a more advanced, 2nd generation Mr. Whiggley lure with MakeLure products.

Mr. Whiggely

How to make a 5 piece advanced Mr. Whiggley lure mold. The 5 piece mold allows you to easily create different color tails and body sections.

Lure Dynamics

Learn an easy way to modify plastic lips to fine tune for any lure. Larry demonstrates how to bend plastic lips.


Weedless Offspring Minnow made from makelure.com products. This video illustrates steps to create, mold, and cast your own minnow

Soft Bait

Quick and simple way to cast your own roe eggs for steelhead fishing. We used a section of ball chain as our roe and created a mold around the chain using quick curing 2-part mold putty.

Hard Bait

Graham Smith uses High Strength 3 silicone moldmaking rubber and RC-3 casting resin to make his CrankCraft back-trolling crankbaits for steelhead and bass.


Create, mold, & cast your own Bull Dawg style bait at a fraction of the cost and design with complete versatility.

Hard Bait

Rasping or carving lures out of resin is one technique for creating custom lures.

Hard Bait Musky

Mold making and casting with Donato of Donato's Custom Lures.

Larry Dahlberg Musky

Larry designs a lure to fit water conditions and how muskie are reacting to lures. Larry uses Mold Putty to make and pour the Double Wubble.